Greetings and salutations,

What you will find below is our fundraiser (or as we refer to it, mini-kickstarter) to raise funds to pay artists on the site to keep the artwork coming along at a good pace. Now you might be asking, why not use kickstarter? Because they take a percentage and a flat fee of every dollar you make via donations/purchases, and frankly we'd like that money to go where it's better served; paying artists to live and work.

Below you will find reward levels that you will get upon purchase. We record your level and give rewards according to your funding level. Some levels give you instant access to the site to watch us develop and build the site under your feet. You get to tinker with, play with, break and submit feedback to us as best you can so we can look into potential bugs before they really become problems.

By helping us fund the site through this mini-kickstarter, you're helping us develop a site that has had it's bumps, struggles, and hard times throughout it's history. We're still soldering on and plugging away bit by bit as we get in pieces of artwork, bits of code, and things to make the site get built.

If you would like, you can make payments by making arrangements with Mortain to buy the account you would like without having to pay for multiple levels at once. Please email us to arrange the details of your payment plan.

If you would like to stay up to date with our development. You can find our official announcement page here If you want to socialize with fellow members and make posts, show off your pets, and just talk to others also interested in Rigganmore, you can join our group here.

Mortain & Jess

Mini-Kickstarter Rewards

  • (u)$1 ~ Little Founder ~ You will receive a founder achievement trophy to show off on your profile.
  • (u)$5 - Founder- You will get to create your account one full week before the general public with one full month of premium account status. Also includes all prizes from Little Founder.
  • (u)$15 - Beta Tester- You will receive a beta testing account and we will pack with all sorts of goodies to test and play with as things get developed. You will also receive six full months of premium account and 150 platinum bits to spend when we open to the public. Also includes all prizes from Founder.
  • (u)$30 ~ Dedicated Rigganmorean- You will receive all reward from Beta Tester, but with one year of premium account status instead of six months. You will also receive 300 platinum bits (a $30 value) to use to whatever you want upon opening to the public!
  • (u)$50 ~ Art Guru- You will receive all rewards from Dedicated Rigganmorean. You will also receive and additional 200 platinum bits to add to your collection bringing the grand total to 500 platinum bits. Your upgraded also gets an additional year (for 2 years upgrade total) from going live to the public.
  • (u)$100 ~ Mythic Enthusiast- You will receive all perks from Art Guru. Also your account will be a forever upgrade account that will never expire. And on top of that you get a total of 1500 platinum bits for spending money on cash currency items in game once we open to the public.
  • (50)$250 ~Rigganmorean for Life- You will receive all perks from Mythic Enthusiast. You also get to work hand in hand with one of our artists to design a marking to your liking that will be implemented into the game for everyone to use on the site.