What is Rigganmore?

Rigganmore is something beyond your average pet creature website. Not only do we intend to present you with an array of creature companions to collect, raise, and love, but we also want to immerse you in a world of adventure and excitement. It is a journey, defined not by an end goal, but by the stories that play out along the way.

The creatures you tame and raise in Rigganmore are more than pets; they are unique individuals who may become your closest companions. You share your adventures with them, and you rely on them to have your back when things go bad. The bonds you'll forge will be stronger through adversity and shared experience.

Rigganmore is a story that unfolds before you. Several paths can be taken through the game, but you and your companions are unique, and you will make this story your own. Are you driven by your ideals or your ambitions?

The dream of Rigganmore is to open our world for your exploration, and encourage you to live out your own stories within it. All you need to do is take part in the adventure.

If you follow the trade routes to their ends, through the Serpent's Channels and beyond the Argian Sea; if you peer out through the mists that cling to the roiling surf, you will lay eyes on a land steeped in history and myth. This continent of glistening beaches, wind-rippled plains, scorching deserts, and towering mountain peaks is the forsaken home that many a seafarer hopes to one day reclaim, hard won fortune in hand, and fears to finally wash up on in ruin and disgrace. This is the land called Rigganmore.

Nearly two months journey to cross from coast to coast, Rigganmore is a continent of coastal archipelagos and mountain chains. It ranges from the scorching desert of southerly Mycora to the frozen tundra wastes between the mountains of Tulse. Its bays are a nesting ground for mercantile ships, the sweeping wings of their sails harnessing the wind to bring them from every corner of the world.

Rigganmore has a long history, though much of it has been lost to the sands of time and the encroaching jungles. Three foreign kingdoms have claimed it as their jewel, and their colonies now outlive them. There are tales that entire empires have been swallowed by history, leaving their secrets, and their fortunes, crumbling away in the wilderness. Many an intrepid adventurer has gone seeking their treasures. Some succeed. Others are never heard from again.

You are the estranged child of a noble family, returning for the first time in years since your parents took you across the sea. Your uncle has died, and it has fallen to you to maintain his estate on the mainland. The power of your house's name, however, does not guarantee much of an income. It's up to you to return your family to a position of dignity and prestige, making connections and finding new sources of wealth.

You are backed up by your faithful servant Desert Rose, and by your stable of personally trained companion creatures. Your noble house's destiny, and perhaps the destiny of your whole kingdom, rests in your capable hands.


  • Four different basic races to choose from.
  • Five beautifully drawn starting pets.
  • Questing and PvP arena.
  • A fully immersive 2D game with real-time battling.
  • Procedural level generation - a new experience every time!
  • A complex and unique breeding system with infinite possibilities.
  • Upload your own custom markings and textures to customize your pet.

Starting Races

Rumerian harbor city

Blank placeholder image Rumereans trace their ancestry to the sturdy and industrious horse. Their culture tends to value hard work, dedication, and long term planning over quick wit and daring acts. The trade empire of Rumere is the most powerful in the known world, often through careful planning to marginalize its competitors over the course of generations. The high courts of the royal palace of Rumere are rife with pomp and circumstance, but the real work happens in the hallways behind the throne, where noble houses scheme to better their positions. Many of the long term investments that old king Ormand has sewn overseas are finally bearing fruit, but there is some question about who will succeed him, as he has no direct heirs.

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Maikoran desert city

Blank placeholder image Maikorans draw on the strength and swiftness of the great cats, and they rely on their intensity and flexibility to survive in their harsh desert home. Their society grew out of a structure of war chiefs and hunting parties, and values personal strength and strong leadership. This way of life led to the formation of the lodges, organizations meant to uphold the honor of the hunting parties and pass its traditions on to the next generation of hunters. In modern Maikoran society, the hunt is undertaken more often out of sport than survival, and the lodges have become the basis for political power. The Maikorans are still struggling to salvage their pride in the wake of their last great warlord's treachery. The council of the hunters and warriors who removed him from power now struggle to return their country to the glory it once knew.

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Elvish city, complete with archways and waterfalls

Blank placeholder image The Elves of Illishun are aloof and mysterious, often preferring patient observation to bold action. Their origins are unknown, though they claim a heritage older than the rise of any other civilization. Their cities are works of careful art, composed over generations, with efforts added to those of their ancestors. They always build to last, and never destroy what came before. This lends their cities a close, crowded feeling, though they are in truth quite sparsely populated. While remaining unified behind this philosophy of gradual improvement, the elves of Illishun are governed more by convention and tradition than hard and fast laws or hierarchy. Their response to the unexpected is often slow and disorganized.This is most evident in their slow awakening to the rapidly growing tension between Rumere and Maikora.

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Dragonkin city

Blank placeholder image The Tulse claim that the blood of dragons runs in their veins, and from the look of them, few can disagree. They carve their homes out of the northern tundra, drawing their heat and power up from the molten rock beneath the earth. The long lived Tulse hoard knowledge in their cavernous libraries, and academics and inventors are highly respected. A University stands at the center of every major Tulse settlement, where the privileged and the promising gather each year hoping to become the great thinkers of the next generation. Recently perfected steam power, combined with the clockwork inventions of last decade, have begun to revolutionize Tulse culture. Many of the Tulse want to spread this wave of innovation to the world, but the eldest and most respected are uncertain if the other kingdoms are ready for the secrets of steam.

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